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North Turkey Creek Mail Route: Until 1895, residents of Turkey Creek between Morrison and Conifer were serviced by the Morrison Post office but had no mail delivery. They all had to come to Morrison for their mail until Maggie Crow stepped in to do the job. Maggie was the first mail carrier in the mountains, packing a gun and cracking a whip as well as any man, often having to break her own roads during winter months. She earned 76 cents in her first year*. Read about the early history of the Turkey Creek Mail Route in Maggie Crow’s own words.

* http://indianhillsco.org/history-indian-hills-colorado/

Sentinel Rock & Buried Treasure: Legend has it that wagons driving along North Turkey Creek were often looted by robbers. When one too many wagons containing bank notes and other valuables were attacked, a shooter was stationed atop a large outcropping to offer protection. Sometimes, robbers would get away, running off with valuables into the hills. Who knows what might still be buried up in them there hills…

Love Rock: The stories go that, after Sunday service, commuters along North Turkey Creek road would pull over next to the creek to picnic and rest. On sunny days, hopeless romantics would carve their initials into a smooth stone as a testament to their love. The earliest etching is from 1915 and reads “R.T. + ?” We can only hope R.T. found their soulmate.

Other engravings:

  • B.H.T 1928
  • G.M 1929
  • Lois + Bob
  • AL [heart with arrow] MAC
  • B.B.
  • MB/RT

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