Inter-Canyon urges residents to buy address signs

Inter-Canyon urges residents to buy address signs

Many mountain-area residents have insufficient address signs, which makes it challenging for first responders to find houses during emergencies.

Some homes don’t have address signs by the road. When they do, signs are often buried by snow, on wooden signs that blend in with the natural environment or old, faded and missing numbers.

“It’s a huge problem for us,” Battalion Chief Dan Hatlestad said. “It slows down our response time considerably.”

“We don’t love pulling up to the wrong house at 4’o’clock in the morning, lights on. That’s very alarming for someone,” Chief Skip Shirlaw added.

Inter-Canyon is encouraging residents to buy blue reflective address signs from the district. For information, call 303-697-4413.

[From Carol C.: I called the number listed above for more information. The signs can be ordered as either horizontal or vertical. Cost is $22 if your address has 4 digits, or $25 for 5 digits. If you would like the address printed on both sides of the sign, an additional $5 is charged. When your sign is ready, you can pick it up for free at ICFPD’s station #1 (7939 S. Turkey Creek Rd.), or they can mail it to you for $5. These reflective signs are easily visible at night and should be placed above normal snow level.]

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