Neighborhood Updates from Carol Chapman

Neighborhood Updates from Carol Chapman

Hello North Turkey Creek Neighbors,

For those who haven’t met me, my name is Carol Chapman and you may frequently see me getting my exercise by walking on your street while holding weights. I am currently serving as the Community Ambassador for our neighborhood which consists of about 65 homes. This means I am working closely with Inter-Canyon FPD on fire-related issues for our area. Community Ambassadors have been appointed/selected for all local fire department neighborhoods. We are expecting a dangerous fire season later this year, so my meetings with Inter-Canyon are increasing, and I have a number of news items to pass on:

1. Chipping Program:
Inter-Canyon has teamed up with Elk Creek FPD for a joint neighborhood chipping program. Registering for the chipper is now open for you to sign up. The general public won’t be able to sign up until April 1. Please note:

  • Each homeowner needs to sign up via this link:
  • You cannot sign up representing your other neighbors. When you sign up, it’s for your property only.
  • Through the sign up process, addresses are collected of the people requesting the chipper and geographic locations are used to determine the schedule. That means you cannot request a date. It has to be done this way because otherwise the chippers end up bouncing back and forth, and it becomes very inefficient.
  • Generally, the chippers will start on the east side of the combined Inter-Canyon / Elk Creek district, and work their way west. So, if you live on the west side, you’ll have the chipper in your area later in the summer than if you live on the east side.

Materials Guidelines
Accepted materials include trees, logs and branches up to 12 inches in diameter, free of nails and wire.

The following restrictions apply:

  • No construction or building materials, treated lumber, fence posts or signs.
  • New home construction sites are not eligible for this program.
  • No firewood stacks.
  • No shrubs, root wads, stumps, dirt or rocks. These items clog and damage chipping equipment
  • No grass clippings, trash, weeds, bags of leaves or raked needles.

Pile Guidelines

  • Piles must be stacked by 8 a.m. on the scheduled chipping day. Chipping will take place Monday through Friday. Improperly stacked piles, and any piles stacked after 8 a.m, may not be identified or collected.
  • Stack piles neatly (no bags), with the large ends of branches facing the road.
  • Place piles within 5 feet of the roadway, but not touching the road or in drainage ditches.
  • Maximum pile size is 5 ‘x 5′ x 5’. There is a 15-pile limit per address for each sign up period.
  • After crews have removed your pile, clear away any remaining branches, needles and debris.
  • Do not combine piles with neighbors’ piles or place piles in other neighborhoods.
  • No piles that have been created by any machinery.

2. Wildfire Summit:
For those who missed the Wildfire Summit held by Joe Neguse, below is a link where you can watch/listen to a recording of it. Gov. Polis, our U.S. Senators and others are featured, including some personal accounts of those who lost everything in last summer’s Colorado wildfires. I find it very scary that many people are still battling with their insurance companies over compensation issues.

3. Home assessments:
On April 21 and 24 I will be trained on how to do home assessments for those who request it, to better advise each of us on recommendations for maintaining our individual properties in a fire-safe manner. I hope to pass this training on to some of you so that multiple people can assist with this in our neighborhood.

4. Neighborhood Meetings:
Covid still makes it impractical to hold neighborhood get-togethers, although I hope that will soon by possible. In the meantime, meetings can only be held via Zoom. I only have the free version of it. The free version allows a group meeting to continue for about 40 minutes. Do any of you have a licensed version of Zoom that you could assist us in using for neighborhood meetings? Please contact me if you do.

5. Volunteering:
This is not a job I can do on my own. I’m still learning much of what is needed. I will definitely require volunteers to help with various aspects. A big thank you to those already helping. Please let me know if you can help with anything, including:

  • Acting as my backup if I am unavailable or as a co-leader with me
  • Lending/driving a truck or trailer to haul slash
  • Loaning/supervising a chipper
  • Learning how and then helping with property fire-related assessments
  • Assisting with or leading property mitigation efforts for the neighborhood
  • Taking the lead for safety/logistics issues
  • Writing grant proposals
  • Going door-to-door on your street to obtain any missing contact information from neighbors (there are only a couple houses missing information for each street)

Thank you for your support,
Carol Chapman OR
Tel. 303-697-5034
6333 Starlight Dr.

"Please, won't you be my neighbor?" -Fred Rogers