Neighborhood Wood Chipping Coming Soon + CWPP Update

Neighborhood Wood Chipping Coming Soon + CWPP Update

Hello All,

I met late yesterday with other members of the Community Ambassador program. Elk Creek FPD and Inter-Canyon FPD are in the process of merging. They have appointed Community Ambassadors for each of the 17 neighborhoods in their areas. I am the Community Ambassador for our neighborhood and wanted to pass on some useful information.


The Fuels Crew is headed by Ben Moses. They took all the people requesting chipper services this year and divided them up into 6 groups depending on where people’s homes are located. Really there are only 5 groups, but they are hoping to be able to add a 6th group at the end of the season composed of people who previously didn’t sign up in time. They are currently ahead of schedule and working on group 2 in the Richmond Hill area. Our neighborhood is in group 3 which is next. Group 3 work is scheduled for the month of August, but they may be able to start sooner.

The biggest problem for the Fuels Crew has been communication, with some people receiving chipping notices from Ben while others (like me!) heard nothing. Ben will now communicate via Julia and the Community Ambassadors.

So…the chipper is coming soon. Piles not following these guidelines will not be chipped.

Materials Guidelines

Accepted materials include trees, logs and branches up to 12 inches in diameter, free of nails and wire.

The following restrictions apply:

  • No construction or building materials, treated lumber, fence posts or signs.
  • New home construction sites are not eligible for this program.
  • No firewood stacks.
  • No shrubs, root wads, stumps, dirt or rocks. These items clog and damage chipping equipment.
  • No grass clippings, trash, weeds, bags of leaves or raked needles.

Pile Guidelines

  • Piles must be stacked by 8 a.m. on the scheduled chipping day. Chipping will take place Monday through Friday. Improperly stacked piles, and any piles stacked after 8 a.m, may not be identified or collected.
  • Stack piles neatly (no bags), with the large ends of branches facing the road.
  • Place piles within 5 feet of the roadway, but not touching the road or in drainage ditches.
  • Maximum pile size is 5 ‘x 5′ x 5’. There is a 15-pile limit per address for each sign up period.
  • After crews have removed your pile, clear away any remaining branches, needles and debris.
  • Do not combine piles with neighbors’ piles or place piles in other neighborhoods.
  • No piles that have been created by any machinery.


Each neighborhood will eventually need to create its own Community Wildfire Preparedness Implementation Plan (CWPIP), but some time ago it was determined that the plans these are based off of needed to be updated. Elk Creek and Inter-Canyon have hired Ember Alliance to create this upper level CWPP document for them. From Ember Alliance’s website:

Community Wildfire Protection Plans are vital tools in helping communities prepare for – and adapt to – wildfires. We work with fire districts, counties, HOAs, and other groups to develop effective, realistic, and innovative CWPPs to get ahead of the threats wildfires pose to communities. The process of creating a CWPP helps communities better understand the risks they face, talk with each other, and make a plan to reduce their risks.

At this point Ember Alliance has finished their analysis and is working to determine mitigation area priorities, etc. They hope to have the CWPP finished by the end of October.

Your Community Ambassador, Carol Chapman

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