Today: Neighborhood Ice Cream Social!

Today: Neighborhood Ice Cream Social!

From 1:00 – 3:00 on Tue., June 8, there will be an Ice Cream Social at my house: 6333 Starlight Dr. (Tel. 303-697-5034)

Please stop by to make an ice cream sundae and to meet and chat with your neighbors. This will be an outdoor event. Your entire family is welcome, but please leave pets at home. Parking is limited, so you may want to walk or park further down the street. It has been so long since we have been able to get together! Our last meeting at my house was way back in late Sept., 2019. John Mandl from ICFPD was one of our guest speakers that evening. John, who is ICFPD’s Captain of Wildland/Training will make a return visit at 2:00 during the Ice Cream Social to give a short update regarding the work he and ICFPD are doing to assist with fire preparedness for our neighborhood. I hope you can join us.

As a separate announcement, my husband Mark has been busy taking down some pine trees that were too close to our house. The wood from those trees is cut into manageable lengths and stacked by our propane tank. You can park right next to it. Anyone wanting wood to heat their house is welcome to come help yourself, first come, first served (preferably any day before the Ice Cream Social). Many of the pieces will need to be further split or cut to fit into your fireplace.

Your Community Ambassador,
Carol Chapman

"Please, won't you be my neighbor?" -Fred Rogers